Did You Really Wear Black?

Did You Really Wear Black?

Do I have your permission to be frank?

It's been really weird for me to read posts about how depressed everyone is feeling as a result of the election. How you cried all day and how you dressed in black?


Who died?

Along with nearly everyone in my network, I too am surprised and upset by the results. I too voted for Hillary and wanted so badly for her to win for so many reasons.

But I woke up Tuesday morning in a haze of pain, distraught that I had to watch my brother come off the plane in a metal casket draped in an American flag the night before. I woke up and completely forgot it was election day. And I fell asleep before the results were in.

 this isn't a stock photo

this isn't a stock photo

The election was completely out of my realm of awareness because I have been dealt the black card of death, the card that brings you exceptional clarity in milliseconds. Clarity about what actually matters.

I'm not saying you don't have the right to be upset. That my pain is more valuable than your pain. That's not what I'm saying.

But you need to get your fucking big girl (or boy) pants on.

Hillary lost the election and Trump won it, but that result didn't kill your best friend or a family member forever. You still have your mind and your ability to take action. 

I am sad and depressed and wearing black because there is absolutely nothing I can do to get my brother back on this planet...to be there as I walk down the aisle, to hold my babies and be the world's coolest uncle, to continue being the best friend anyone could ever wish.

Hillary lost and so many things are at stake but "don't boo, vote".

Vote with your feet.

Get out there.

Take action.

Quit that job that has zero impact and take the one that may not pay as much, but it will make an impact and needs brilliant people like you to take the helm.

Get your fucking big girl pants on and defend the rights of people who can't do it without you.

Volunteer for Planned Parenthood.

Share whatever your expertise is pro bono so organizations that can't afford you can get your services for free, because they will need them.

Stop talking. Start doing. 

And hold your loved ones tight. So so tight.


Thank You

Thank You

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