Thank You, Houston

There are so many people that went above and beyond for us and I wanted to mention a couple of them here to celebrate their kindness and generosity. rush printed 800 memorial service programs for us. For free. We didn't ask for favors or special treatment...they just did it and it meant so much to us.

It was one of those moments that made me sink into myself for the sheer kindness. They don't know me, my family or Jimmy, but they didn't think twice about it. Thank you, Steve and your wonderful team, for printing beautiful programs for us to share with all of Jimmy's friends, colleagues and fans.

West Alabama Ice House roped off nearly their entire bar for us to have a private place to gather after Jimmy's services last Saturday. They didn't ask for a minimum or a credit card to guarantee a minimum, like somewhere else did (that remains un-named. It rhymes with schwarmadillo alice).

Thank you for letting us have a space for Jimmy's Fan Club (it's officially a thing now, I've decided) and family to spend time after the services, to share Jimmy stories, laugh a little bit and just be. You even offered to honor Jimmy on your sign that day. Thank you, it means a great deal. I feel like we probably surpassed your minimum anyways. 

Annunciation Orthodox School (AOS) and Mr. Kelly. All three of us Moriarty kids walked the halls of AOS. I remember they always used to call it the "AOS Family". I now feel that togetherness and strength more than ever. You let us use your gym and hallways last Saturday afternoon to honor Jimmy and allow his friends and family to gather to celebrate him. AOS has always held a special place in my heart, now I cherish the AOS family more than ever before. And Mr. Kelly - you took so much decision making off the table for us and handled the services with ease and grace. Thank you for being our entire family's rock that day and the days leading up to it.

There are many more thank you's owed. Please forgive me as I slowly get to everyone with the same love and grace with which you approached me and my family.

Healing Words

Healing Words

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