Hiking with Jimmy

Hiking with Jimmy


I just flew home to Bogota last night.

It was scary to have my first moments alone in my apartment, but most painfully, today was supposed to be Jimmy's last day in Bogota.

My sister Becca was booked on the early flight back to Houston this AM and Jimmy was going to take the red eye tonight. I remember thinking how excited I was to be able to have the whole day with just Jimmy. It's not very often that we could spend one-on-one time together.

The plan for today was to go hiking on a trail by my apartment in Bogota called Quebrada la Vieja.

Mixing the life of what was supposed to happen with what is actually happening creates this weird, surreal space in the present. We were supposed to go on this hike together, just me and Jimmy, but instead, I'm here alone, desperately trying to fill the empty space.

So I decided to stick to the plan and go on the hike.

I don't tend to be a religious person, but I feel like I am sensitive to spirits and energy. In my own way, I was hoping that maybe Jimmy would still come with me on this hike in one form or another, as weird or crazy as that may sound.

It sounds a little crazy, right?

After I had hiked to the top I was on my way down when I passed a sweet family that had a chubby little straggler. He was out of breath, about 20 feet behind the rest of his family...clearly not happy to be there.

As I passed the little guy I kind of smiled to myself and thought that if Jimmy were there he probably would have something funny to say. He might have given him a high five or have said something in the little Spanish that he knew....Jimmy is the funniest person I know, whatever it would've been, it would've cracked me up.

Then I looked up seconds later and I passed a guy wearing a UT hat. Burnt orange Texas longhorns hat. In Bogota. 

I mean, come on.

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