Enough is Enough

Enough is Enough

Today, I'm starting this online journal. My intention is this: to create a place to share my little brother's story, Staff Sergeant James "Jimmy" Francis Moriarty, who was killed in action in Jordan on Friday, November 4th 2016, and my story, as his sister.

Our most pressing concern today is: what actually happened to Jimmy on Friday? The reports from the Jordanian officials that it was a "misunderstanding" is complete bullshit. We firmly believe that something else was at play and we are urging everyone we know to help us in our efforts in saying #enoughisenough and to end this needless war.

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm fiery and focused. If I have a specific goal, I'll do anything I can to make it happen. The apple doesn't fall from the tree -- my dad, Jim Moriarty, and his identical twin brother, Bob Moriarty, are both Vietnam veterans and have been fervently against this war for years. They are also making a lot of noise to bring justice to Jimmy and his two brothers who died alongside him, Kevin McEnroe and Matthew Lewellen.

While some sign up to serve in the military as their way of supporting our country, I am going to do it my way, in a way that I feel will have the biggest, most powerful effect possible: with words. And showing up.


If you want to help me, email me, and I will be there, anywhere in the world, to tell this story and to have a big, loud, unwavering voice.

We need to end our multiple wars in the Middle East, to prevent more sisters and brothers, mothers and fathers, best friends, from ever having to be in these shoes. For this was simply not supposed to happen. It could have and should have been prevented. You and I have the power and ability to make this end.

I have never felt a calling more powerful than I feel now. I feel like every single second in my life, up until this point in time, has prepared me for this: to be Jimmy's storyteller and to be a voice for the thousands and thousands of family members who have been in my same exact shoes. We need to get our troops OUT of the Middle East. It's time to cut our losses, America.

Sweet Jimbo, your death will not be in vain. We will not accept the lies that are coming out to protect diplomatic relations. I was put on this planet to do this and I've already gotten started.

Future POTUS, we have your first assignment.

#enoughisenough #nomorewar #FORJIMMY