Last Night

Last Night

We're flying back to Houston now, arriving later tonight.

Last night we sat out on the cold tarmac at Dover AFB, as Jimmy was brought down the ramp in a metal casket. Part of me wanted to jolt out there to hug him. Part of me felt that he wasn't in there...that it's just his body. Jimmy's soul is way too huge to fit inside that small metal casket. 

The sky was dark, the moon looked like it had been sliced in half. The air felt cold and crisp. I felt weightless and heavy at the same time. 

I got to hug the brave soldier who wounded the person responsible for killing Jimmy, Kevin and Matthew. My heart breaks for what his eyes saw.

I now know what happened to Jimmy (our suspicions were right all along - it was an attack). Now we need to understand why. 

Why were our boys attacked by our "allies"?

When are we going to receive an apology from King Abdullah of Jordan?

What are the Jordanians going to do to prevent their soldiers from becoming radicalized and turning on the very men like Jimmy, Kevin and Matt, that are helping save their country??

Billions of US taxpayer dollars go to supporting the Jordanians and it is in our control to say, "enough is enough". 

 #enoughisenough #forjimmy #nomorewar


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