Please Don't Tell Me: "He Died A Hero"

Please Don't Tell Me: "He Died A Hero"

I have a hard time accepting that phrase, and I know Jimmy wouldn't like to be called a hero for the way he died either.

Actually, I guarantee you he wouldn't accept it and would feel uncomfortable hearing it. We  have to rewire our autopilot because we think it's the appropriate thing to say, but I'm here to tell you, as someone who would love for Jimmy to have died a hero, he didn't. He was my hero for LOTS of other things, like how he treated his friends, how he loved unconditionally...

Simply put, he was doing his job, it was a normal day at work for Jimmy, Kevin and Matt. They were practicing at the shooting range, moving from point A to point B, in a supposedly non-combat region.

Our boys were supporting and training the elite forces of Jordan so they can then defend themselves against their neighbors, enemies who have grown significantly in numbers due to our un-ending presence in a region where we don't need to have a presence.

He isn't saving our lives by training Jordanian soldiers. No, really. He isn't.

I hear you...well, he is helping them defeat ISIS, or ISIL, or DASH, who then could perpetrate a terrorist attack on our soil...which then becomes a threat...

I hear you. I get it. I can see how you can go down that path, and I partially agree.

But, I challenge you to think of it a different way.

Our presence in the Middle East has been constant for the past 15 years. We have been fighting in Afghanistan since 2001. We are not any safer today, 7500 American soldier deaths later, than we were the day before we set foot on that soil. Fifteen years at war. Our tactics are not working. Our presence is further aggravating radical populations and turning us into the primary enemy, making us less safe every passing minute.

We are jumping into a fight that we have no business being in. It's time we mind our own business and ask those footing the bill for this war, you and me, if this is how we would like our money to be budgeted. I personally think it's a terrible waste of money.

I am keenly aware when it is important for peace keepers to step in to protect innocent civilians against atrocities against humanity, ie racially-generated genocides, but let Darwinism do it's thing and let those radical combatants kill each other until they're all gone or they've all sorted out their own issues, on their own dime. They'll run out of money eventually. And I don't mind spending $10/gallon on gas if that's what it means.

Enough is enough.

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