Be Kind

Be Kind

This is a story to remind us all to be kind to others because you never know what someone else may be going through... we've all seen some form of the "be kind" quote, right?


I received the following email this morning in regards to items received last week during the Azulina clearance sale:

"As I have written separately (with no response), this order was incomplete. Please send another Navidad Dinner Plate or refund the money I paid for it. Next step: Twitter."

The prior email from this customer came in to me late Sunday night - it appears that one of our boxes was mislabeled and we accidentally shipped 5 plates instead of 6. It was our mistake.

I hadn't responded yet because, well, it 100% slipped my mind. 

I have tried to remember to check my email and respond to customer inquiries as quickly as I can, but with my brother's burial on Monday I overestimated my ability to show up and be present with work. 

I should've setup an Out of Office.

It 100% slipped my mind.

I am trying the best I can.

We all are.

"Next step: Twitter."

Guys, can we all agree to be a little bit kinder?

This woman has NO clue what I am going through and how would she? It isn't her job to, but it is our responsibility to one another to be kind and loving.

That remark was plain old ugly. It was threatening. Rude.

There are people behind emails.

We are all human.

We are all trying our best.

When given the chance, choose kindness.




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