Today is Jimmy's Birthday

Today is Jimmy's Birthday

January 27th is here. Today is Jimmy’s 28th birthday. 

It is sickening how much it hurts to write that. I had a difficult time sleeping last night, knowing today would be hard. Harder than Thanksgiving. Harder than Christmas. Today is supposed to be Jimmy’s day.

Nothing in my life has prepared me for losing my brother, and I don’t know if anything could... this is our worst nightmare. We knew the risks he was signing up for, but he was on assignment in Jordan to train Syrian rebels. We felt at ease knowing that he wasn’t in combat killing people or dropping bombs. He was training soldiers from Syria to fight their own war, a war started by the rebels to oppose Assad…a war that has forced millions of Syrians out of their homes and out of the country they call home. 

Jimmy was killed by a Jordanian gate guard as he and his team were returning to base, something he did every day on this deployment. We are waiting for the team assigned to the case to come back with the final reason as to “why”, but we all know, in our guts, that this was no “accident". You don’t accidentally open fire on green berets, killing three of them, even after one shouts to you in Arabic, telling you to drop your arms, saying “friends”, just as Jimmy did moments before he was killed. The gate guard was wearing US-funded body armor, firing a US-funded full-automatic M-16 rifle. The Jordanians nearby, that Jimmy called upon for support, did nothing to aid their U.S. comrades who were being fired upon. 

I’m here to tell you something, Jordan. We aren’t friends any more. You wanted us to be your “friend” (paying for your arms, armor and protection). Billions of U.S. dollars and the lives of three Green Beret soldiers later, including my brother, SSG Jimmy Moriarty, are too much. You have crossed the line. You haven’t done a single thing since the incident to show your support to the investigation or us, the family members of those three men. That’s not the way being “friends” works in a normal context.

Enough is enough.

We can’t bring these boys back, but we can end this so-called friendship and start to end these endless wars. And I think we should.

If you agree, help me. Share. Like. Support Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard and her bill to stop funding terrorists.

As for Jimmy’s birthday and honoring the amazing person he was, please do something kind and loving today, #forjimmy. That’s all Jimmy ever was and without him here, we’re all going to need to pick up the slack. 


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