Today's Wisdom: Leap

Today's Wisdom: Leap

I get Seth Godin's daily emails. Sometimes they are interesting and thought provoking, sometimes they aren't, and every now and then there is a total gem that thrills me. Today's email fell into the latter category:

Your instincts are better than you think they are, By Seth Godin

Data is essential. Data lets us incrementally improve just about anything. That keyboard in front of you, the sink in the bathroom down the hall, the supply chain for the food you eat—they were all improved 100,000 times over the years, data-driven evolution toward efficiency.

It's not enough.

We also need you to leap. To leap without sufficient data. To go with your humanity and your instincts and your hunches.

The insightful Bernadette Jiwa's new book is on sale today. I highly recommend all of the books she's written.

Go first, without being sure. I think you'll find something special.

I always love to be reminded to leap.

What the fuck, God

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