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November 4th Press Conference

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Washington, D.C.

Today we are hosting a press conference in Washington, DC to hold Jordan accountable for the murder of our three sons and brothers: SFC Matthew Lewellen, SSG Kevin McEnroe and SSG James (Jimmy) Moriarty, who were killed by Ma'arik Abu Tayeh on November 4, 2016 at King Faisal Air Base in Al Jafr, Jordan.

It's our goal to increase awareness about America's foreign policy in the middle east, particularly in regards to Jordan.


Here you can find the written statements from each family, graphics from today's press event and photos of our boys.

If you would like to seek additional information please send us a note.

Ma'arik Abu Tayeh & His Accomplices

Ma'arik Abu Tayeh, sometimes referred to as Cpl Al-Tawayha, is a Jordanian Air Force soldier who shot and killed SFC Matthew Lewellen and SSG Kevin McEnroe without warning then stalked and killed SSG James Moriarty. Only one American Special Forces soldier would survive the attack at the King Faisal Air Base in Al Jafr, Jordan on November 4, 2016. 

11 other soldiers of the Jordanian Air Force or Army stood by, even after recognizing that our troops were Americans who lived on the base, traveling through the same gate, day after day, without lifting a finger to protect our soldiers. 

Every Jordanian soldier with knowledge of the murders has lied to the FBI about what happened that day.


Download the US Army 15-6 Investigation Here

Warning: Contains Graphic Content


Dated March 6, 2017

Download the Letter Here

**Please note that the Jordanians continue to blame the  so-called "accident" as taking place because supposedly a shot had been fired. After a conclusive FBI investigation it was established with certainty that no shots were fired prior to Ma'arik Abu Tayeh opening fire on SSG Kevin McEnroe and SSG Matthew Lewellen at point blank range, from a concealed position behind camo netting in the guard shack.


Charles Lewellen, Father of SFC Matthew Lewellen

Brian McEnroe, Father of SSG Kevin McEnroe

James Moriarty, Father of SSG Jimmy Moriarty


Aerial Wide

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 3.17.14 PM.png

Graphic 1: Aerial Wide Download PDF


Graphic 2: Aerial Tight 1 Download PDF


Graphic 3: Aerial Tight 2 Download PDF

Our Boys

SFC Matthew Lewellen with his parents

SSG Kevin McEnroe

SSG James (Jimmy) Moriarty

Additional photos of Jimmy can be found here.


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